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God in Your Body: Kabbalah, Mindfulness and Embodied Spiritual Practice
Written by Jay Michaelson and published in 2007, God in Your Body is the first comprehensive treatment of the body in Jewish spiritual practice and an essential guide to the sacred. It integrates the insights of mystical and traditional Judaism, Buddhist and mindfulness meditation practices, and a cosmopolitan, contemporary sensibility in a work that is at once spiritual and secular, innovative and wise. God in Your Body is essential reading for anyone interested in integrating the body into spiritual practice, and also a valuable resource for scholars interested in Jewish traditions about the body. With meditation practices, physical exercises, visualizations, and sacred text, the book shows how to experience the presence of the Divine in, and through, the body. And it shows how, by cultivating an embodied spiritual practice, it is possible to transform everyday activities eating, walking, breathing, even going to the bathroom into moments of deep spiritual realization, uniting sacred and sensual, mystical and mundane.
Another Word for Sky
The new book of poems written by Jay Michaelson and published in 2007, Another Word for Sky is Michaelson's first collection of poetry. Like the author, the poems are expansive in their scope, from Ashbery-like analytics to raucous queer mystical love poems, Ginsbergesque rants and fantasies to quiet reflections on the passage of time.
Mentsh: On Being Jewish and Queer
Edited by Angela Brown and published in August, 2004, Mentsh: On Being Jewish and Queer is the richest and most diverse anthology of Jewish queer writing ever. It contains Jay Michaelson's groundbreaking essay Daat as well as contributions from over twenty LBGT writers of a wide range of religious, ethnic, and sexual orientations.
Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice
Edited by Rabbi N. Rose, Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, and Margie Klein, and published in 2007 Righteous Indignation gathers the voices of leading progressive Jewish social justice activists for the first time in one groundbreaking volume. Featuring "The Significance of Sex: Social Order & Post-Mythic Religion," a new essay by Jay Michaelson.
Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture
Zeek semi-annual journal offers some of the most important writings in Jewish culture. Independent, intelligent, and with the breadth and sophistication of the best of contemporary culture, Zeek builds a bridge between religious and secular, Israel and the diaspora, and helps create a vital, inclusive Judaism for the 21st century. Jay Michaelson acts as editor-in-chief.
Az Yashir Moshe: A Book of Songs and Blessings
Az Yashir Moshe is a new book of songs and blessings created by students and alumni of Yale University, and edited by Jay Michaelson. Dedicated to the memory of Matt Eisenfeld (SY '93) and infused with the values of the diverse Yale community, Az Yashir Moshe offers the most complete selection of traditional zmirot, Israeli songs, and niggunim, beautifully designed for readers of all levels of Jewish learning. 140 pages, $6 at Note: Az Yashir Moshe is currently out of print while its second edition is being prepared.
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